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🟣 Keyword-based automated CA filtering bot, sent directly to your group!
Simply add @RuKeywordsBot, to your group, make admin and contact one of us for free WL permissions to use.
Imagine you find a token's name on Twitter(X) but don't have the contract address. You can use this bot to monitor that name in your Telegram group. It will send you all the new CAs created with that name, saving you the hassle of manually searching for newly created tokens. This helps you create a better shortlist and allows you to review the CA before launch for further due diligence.

Comand List

/track pepe : Any token newly deployed while tracking that includes the word 'pepe' in its name will be immediately shared with your group.
/list : Displays a list of current tracked words.
/del pepe : It will delete and stop sending you notifications for any token created with the name 'pepe' within it
see image below:


Tokens are sent instantly, as soon as they are created!
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