Your personal little assistant, with powerful robust commands.
Results from all Dynamic Bots and Buttons on posts on all channels get sent to you via RuDMs. In any case you also have the option and ability to use command based promts or buttons within RuDMs to retrieve further data on any token.
/sniperhunter ca
Receive Sniper Hunter details for any token not yet live
🎯 Snipers
/snipers ca
Receive a detailed list of every sniper that sniped a token
💸 Top Gainers
/gainers ca
Receive a list of the top 10 most profitable wallets on a token
🥑 Freshies
/freshies ca
Receive a detailed list on all freshies that aped a token
🎒 Fav
/fav ca
Track the launch road map status of any token not yet live
/prechecks ca
View a detailed list of all pre-approved wallets on a token
Hit one of the buttons or use a command.

👀 A detailed look at each command situated within RuDMs.

🔭 Sniper Hunter

Serving as a add-on from our RuSniperHunter channel, you can use this feature to get the same unfiltered information for any token that is not yet live.
Works with any token!

🎯 Snipers

Need the wallets for all snipers that sniped a token? Or are you wondering how many are still holding, or what did everyone bribe? The /snipers command answers all of the above in real time!
You will receive a list of EVERY block zero sniper.

💸 Top Gainers

Here you will find the top 10 most profitable traders for the searched token. Profit listed in ETH value, alongsie duration of trades and also etherscan link to all trades.
🛍️ - Shopping Bags Emoji, represents market buyers | 🎯 - Dart & Target Emoji, represent snipers.

🥑 Freshies

A real time list of every single fresh wallet that has aped a token.
You will receive a list of EVERY single fresh wallet.

🎒 Fav

Have you ever come across a prelaunch token that caught your eye but slipped your mind later? Do you constantly go through the hassle of adding dev wallets to your wallet tracking tools to keep up with possible token launch times?
Simply click "🎒Fav” button to bag your interest in a token, and you'll receive direct notifications at every launch stage via RuDMs. Even if the token appears on other RuPro bots post launch, you'll get alerted all in one spot.
Keep notifications for tokens on your radar, at your fingertips with just one click.


Who's Been Pre-Approved? Developed as an extension to RuSniperHunter, this bot enables users to view a comprehensive list of wallets that have received pre-approval on a specific token. The primary objective of this bot is to furnish users with an in-depth, data-rich understanding of these wallets. Are they associated with highly profitable traders, potential scammers, or simply part of the user's personal tracked library of wallets?
But it doesn't stop there. The bot also generates a detailed report comprising the following information:
  • Wallet Address
  • Wallet Balance
  • Successful/Total snipes over the past 5 days
  • Average bribe amount from total snipes over the past 5 days
  • Average profit from total snipes
  • Wallet profit analysis over the past 5 days, highlighting the presence of $2k, $5k, £20k wallets among the pre-approved snipers
  • Finally, we show the best preforming wallet from the batch by leveraging wallet balance and average bribe information
The bot assists users in determining their bidding comfort level when participating in trades.
Check any token, even if it not on sniper hunter, pre or post launch.

🚀 We currently have a whole host of new commands in back testing and development, stay tuned on our socials for updates!

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