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🟪 Easily spot devs past projects!
The original version of the bot provided information about tokens made from past deployer wallets and set to post and notify if the previous token reached over $100,000 market cap.
The upgrade of V2 now will help flag serial scammers and make sure we don't miss legit team relaunches and secondary tokens with alpha potential are not overlooked.
  • Hops: For those unfamiliar with term "hop" it's just means transferring funds from one wallet to another. The bot will conduct scans across multiple hops originating from the primary deployer wallet. These scans dig deeper to gather more information. This means the posts will have extra details and data, giving you a better understanding of where the tokens come from and what they're doing.
0️⃣ = Primary deployer. 1️⃣ = by 1 hop. 2️⃣ = by 2 hops
The OGs: After careful thought, we've decided that this improved bot fits better within the RuPro suite because it matches the suite's wider range of features.
Last modified 1mo ago