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🟥 Bringing interacted tokens onto your radar before they go live!
The bot gathers information on the number of potential snipers, from various different sniper bots.
One of RuSniperHunter's standout features seamlessly connects with the RuDev bot. This integration is a valuable addition because it provides you with all the essential pre-information you need in one go.
You can simply click on the link, and it will instantly take you to the RuDev post, where you can look into the deployer's information.
We furnish in-depth information when pre-approvals are engaged, allowing you to access details about multiple wallets and freshly created wallets, tax limits, CA information and token socials. Additionally, we also highlight any concerning functions we come across in the contract. We've got you covered!
Warnings = any specific functions that catch our attention in the CA we post. Some can be common functions so we have colour coded them:
🟡 = low warning 🟠 = mid-low warning 🚨 = alert
To keep your feed clean and uncluttered, our talented developer has ensured that posts auto-refresh, preventing spam messages when new snipers come on board on the same token.
Last modified 29d ago