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🟧 The classic liquidity burn bot!
The Instant Liquidity Burn Notifications Bot offers rapid notifications regarding liquidity burns occurring on the Ethereum blockchain. Our Burn bot showcases the following essential characteristics:
  • The percentage of liquidity that has been burnt.
  • Real-time display of the burn's value in (eth).
  • The initial liquidity added by the dev in (eth).
  • The current liquidity of the token.
  • Number of token holders.
  • When the token went live for trading.
  • Comprehensive CA details, including clog, tax-related information, and maximum buy/sell/wallet limits.
  • Verification status and contract renouncement status, if applicable.
The new improved version, along with detailed CA info, clog, taxes, wallet limits, possible socials and more!
Even after devs burning liquidity, some scammers still find cunning methods to deceive. To tackle this, we're continually enhancing our mechanics and refining our filtering algorithms.
Last modified 1mo ago