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🟦 Our informative bot!
Unlock On-Chain Insights with a Single Click. Harness Wallet Trackers, Seamlessly Link Posts for Swift Navigation, Gain Access to Free Wallets and In-Depth Analysis.
Curious about what snipers are offering as bribes? Wondering about the total cost of these bribes are? Keen to know if they're turning a profit? Look no further – our RuAnalytics bot puts all this data right at your fingertips interlinking with any channel featuring the same post, delivering lightning-fast access to incredible data.

🟦 Buttons & DM's:

🎯 Snipers - Generates a ordered list of every snipers, with bribe, txn cost, wallets and more data. Click a button on any post for any token, or DM the bot with command for anytoken.
Every single sniper wallet for any token, at the click of a button or command, generated in seconds!
🚀 Top Gainers - Generates a list of the top 10 gainers, with detailed info and wallets, Who made the most money, how long did they hold?
Who made the most money, how long did they hold?
🎯 = Sniper 🛍️ = Market buyer
👀 See in Dm’s - Hit this to quickly navigate to the bot
You can also DM @RuAnalytics_bot, '/sniper ca' or '/gainers ca' to quickly generate data for any token. DMs will come from @RuAnalytics_bot.
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