RuShare (RevShare)

In a DeFi world focused on RevShare, RuShare stands out. Earn 25% each referral, reach 10 referrals to receive a 50% fee for each referral, marking it as the top revenue share for a non-token project.

What is RuShare❓

RuShare, is our RevShare/Referral Link system. All you need to do is share your RuShare link with a friend to introduce them to RuPro bots, and and kickstart your earnings with us.

Items to note:

  • To generate a link, you must be a RuPro Monthly Member
  • A continuous RuPro Monthly Membership is required to keep your link active. If your membership expires or if you're no longer a RuPro member, the link will expire
  • Referrals are applicable only for first-time sign-ups, not for recurring subscriptions
  • Referral fees are paid out instantly through an automatic process via the bot. Upon a new sign-up and payment, you'll receive your fee in the next block (within 12 to 24 seconds)
  • During short-term promotions like the 'Black Friday Event,' RuShare links will be temporarily disabled
Last modified 2mo ago