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❇️ Effortlessly access token info within seconds from our comprehensive database across Telegram call channels and receive continuous real-time notifications whenever your tracked token is mentioned.


  • To configure, track and delete tokens you can carry out these tasks within the @RuProManager bot.
Please review the following steps below on how to use RuSocialTrack:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
New Tracks
Type /start command to load the main menu, then select 🤖 Custom RuBots
Select 📣 RuSocialTracks button
Enter CA for token you wish to track.
(In this instance, we are adding 'Toons' CA as an example.)
Toons CA has been added. For illustration purposes, we have included additional tokens to demonstrate how the tracking list will appear.
To view any ongoing calls in the RuDMs bot, simply click the 👀 See in DM's button.
Note: if bot identifies any pre-existing matches from before you initiated tracking, a list will be sent to you via DMs. As the bot discovers new sources, it will ping you and update the list in real-time..
To add another token for tracking, click 🥑 New Tracking button and input the token CA you want to track.
Or, use the shortcut command /track followed by token CA in for quicker access.
To delete tracked items and stop receiving notifications, go to the RuSocialsTracks overview dashboard, and click on the bin (🗑️) emoji alongside the token name.


  • To receive notifications, please check in @RuDMs bot.
  • The posts will automatically update, in real-time as soon as a new call is registered in our database.
Please see the following image below for an illustration on notification DM's:


We have three methods to use the bot:
  • Method 1 = Buttons on Channel Posts
  • Method 2 = RuPro Commands
  • Method 3 = RuPro Buttons ( see hereRuProManager)
Method 1
Method 2
Method 3
You can call a 1 time track by clicking on the 'Track Calls' button below posts on other RuPro bots.
You can use the command /track followed by token CA within RuPro.
You can also track by following the above illustration. ( see hereRuProManager)
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